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Ogizer passes through a rigorous purification stage in order for you to have safe and pure drinking water.

The monitoring starts from the source of our water. The water is monitored in our state-of-the-art fully equipped laboratories, where thorough tests are done, in order to make sure that the source itself is fit to be purified in the first place. Only when the test results are perfect, we pass the water through our Reverse Osmosis plant. At every stage of the water purification plant, sample points are provided in order to have timely and batch wise monitoring of water in our filtering plant at various stages.

SAND FILTRATION, ACTIVE CARBON FILTRATION, CARTRIDGE FILTERATION, REVERSE OSMOSIS, MICRON FILTERATION, ULTRA-VIOLET LIGHT TREATMENT, AND OZONATION. All of these are carried out at the appropriate levels which ensure that the drinking water is perfectly suited for human consumption.


Not only the product, but the environment too is taken care of by regular monitoring by the staff working at the premises, staff hygiene such as washing of hands, wearing face masks, gloves and appropriate lab clothes while working in the water plant is ensured at all times.

To keep the working environment clean, proper sanitation facilities have been provided in order to remove any possible risk of contamination. A team of people have been employed only for the purpose of monitoring the same and are strictly instructed to ensure that there are no compromises in this aspect so that you can – “RELISH EVERY ENEGERGISING DROP OF OGIZER WITHIN YOU”


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